Girls XC Ski

Somehow when it's cold, it seems like it will never get warm. And when it's hot, it seems like it will never cool off. Why is that? I hear people complain all the time about the weather: oh, this snow is too much. But if you are lucky enough to be physically active, you can bring your body out into the weather and meet its challenge! I was lucky enough to xc ski three times this winter with friends, and am so glad that I did. The first time was with Dori Ross, business owner of Tonewood Maple. We explored the eastern loop from The Bundy back to Ole's. The snow was old & cold and we could barely hear ourselves chat over the scraping of skis over rutted frozen white stuff. The second time was with Patty, Luanne, Joyce, and a new friend; we had a lovely ski from Ole's through cow fields and forest. Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, Victoria & Joannie & I did the entire Bundy Loop: we left a car at Ole's and drove to the Bundy. We departed around 11, got to the Ole's around 12:45, had a nice lunch, and finished up the loop by 3. That was a perfect day. Yet it was very cold. We also met Georgette & Amy, who travelled with us for part of the way. One for the record books!

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